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Creative Emotional Wellness Workshops with Kate Burns

Meet Kate

SEA Certified & Trauma-Healing Poet

Kate Burns is a professional facilitator, thought leader, poet and speaker in Los Angeles. Her signature approach to emotional wellness encourages audiences to utilize the tools of compassion, forgiveness, understanding, and non-judgement to break through emotional and mental blocks that keep them stuck in self-sabotaging patterns. 

Through her work, she helps people achieve their goals; thrive in community; combat anxiety, depression, and overwhelm; experience alignment; and show up in the world from a place of inner power and peace.


What I Offer

trauma-informed self-exploration workshops

creative writing emotional wellness



well-being empowerment workshops

emotional care kit creation workshops

5-minute practices to improve overall well-being

"I really enjoyed Kate's emotional empowerment workshops series and I feel much more in control of my emotional health & well-being than I did before."

Kaelani Amputch-Curtis, ImagineLA

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Kate's Emotional Care Kit creation workshop is a MUST for ALL adults. After the mental health challenges of the pandemic and with everything going on in the world today, getting some extra help never hurts, especially when it's help you're able to give yourself. Creating an Emotional Care Kit helped me become more aware of my emotions and respond to them with more compassion, understanding, and love."

-Monica Acevedos

(past workshop participant)

Kate's easy-to-create Emotional Care Kit can help anyone develop the emotional hygiene needed for a bright future.
It is a tool that perfectly reflects the passion and compassion of its creator, Kate Burns. 

- Ping Ho

(MA, MPH Founder & Director, Arts & Healing Initiative)

Kate's ability to help people learn to access their highest level of self-care through their own language and creativity is unmatched. Her workshops and emotional self-care practices are both enjoyable and easily implementable. Highly recommend!

- Tyler Greer
(EduWellness 2023 attendee)

What I Offer...

For Treatment Centers

For Companies

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